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"You love him"

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The Kingslayer and The Knight of Flowers talking about Cersei

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Sophie Turner - GoT S4 Premiere {Paris 2014}

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Thanks everyone for the positivity about the latest chapter of Teenage Kicks, I know it took a long time, and I am glad for everyone who has stuck by me, and read it, and sent me messages of support.

I was honestly really surprised at all of the positivity, I was so unsure about the latest chapter (I know there was only a tiny glimmer of Gendry in it!).

But I am so humbled that people are actually taking the time to bother reading my little story. So, thank you all.

And please, if you have any questions, or suggestions feel free to message me. I always enjoy hearing from you.

Sansa, your mother would want you to carry on. You know it’s true.

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